Ok so here I go, writing again. If you missed the last one, it was Happy Appy and trust me I was more than glad to be able to speak about it, i hated that story to its core, due to just the sickening thought of it.

So, Bronies. Pegasisters. You see, these two groups get alot of crap and bullshit handed to them on a golden platter by haters and youtubers, and they dont deserve half of it. Ok so I take no shame in calling my self a brony, they have some really cool and creepy things about ponies. They even have one of the best cartoon villains (Discord, 2nd place, below Joker (1rst place) ). Now the reason they recieve it. Holy god, I came upwith many reasons. But theres 3 reasons that came from others that seemed the most legitamate. For reason 1, they used to be racists yet when it became illegal they began to hate upon the Bronies and Pegasisters. For Reason 2, they want some one to fight, and Bronies and Pegasisters seem to be the most targeted when they need a fight to pick. Reason 3, theyr just a bunch of trolling retards who have nothing better to do than troll the shit out of others that according to them are the most butt hurt group on the internet. Seriously I have two words for anyone who comes under reason 3. Fuck off. Seriously you no lifed pricks need to start getting one and stop being such fags to come onto THE BRONIES AND PEGASISTERS OWN VIDEOS and call them things like faggots and ass holes. Seriously, grow a pair of balls and deal with it, they are there and they are not going away until they decide to. Now, I should really explain what a Brony is. Its a male human who enjoys the childrens' show named My Little Pony. I mean I am one, but trust me, I dont get into giant pony costumes or play/ collect the toys. Its just fuin to watch as theres never usually a problem where someything goes horribly fucking out of control. Now the Bronies take more shit than the pegasisters, as they are the main thing that is gone after. Grow. The. Fuck. Up. You damn haters need to know your age and respect that someone for once gets to learn the meaning of hanging onto your child hood. Pegasisters are the sister to the Bronies. THey range from children to fully grown women who watchthe show, and the haters dont seem to bother them due to them "being the gender the show was made for" . Sexism just turned its self into 2 and one of em just bit bronies right on the ass and said "Hey shouldnt the pegasisters be getting the sexism?". And by the way its not even females doing that. Its the fucking same gender. Pegasisters are basiccly women and girls who like the show. Fine by me for them to name them selves too. Seriously anyone who gives it atry or goes up to another man and says "Im a full grown man who watches childrens' shows" have more balls and guts than the next guy (Unless the next guys a military soldier). Im out, peace, and remember out there haters, remember to grow some balls and get over it.

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