Welcome back, the last page I posted was " The End of the World", the first post was "Happy Appy". I recommend going through them all first.

Its me, TheBoldWriter, and I am going to speak about the mega online site, Facebook. Facebook is a highly used online posting, game playing, and sharing/ liking/ commenting site that has over probably 1000 people playing. Well first off I am going to say this. Anyone who posts EVERYTHING you do on facebook. If you just went to the park, played online video games, or any kind of common thing every one does every single day, DONT POST IT. No offence, but no one cares what you just did, unless its something big. If you just saved a small child from death, post it at will. Just ate a hot dog? DONT POST IT. Theres nothing more annoying than the people who post everything they do. Now whats sad about this site is how ALL THE GAMES want you to pay your hard earned money to continue playing a game. (AND THAT THEY HAVE PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2 STYLED AFTER IT'S GAMES!) . The next good game i see ruined by some website, I am writing abot it and I will not be happy. Now what I think of facebook. Its just a way to get more and more players to waste their lives on a simple site. it is nothing special.

Thanks for reading, no offence to others, good job reading till the end, you guys definately earned cookies. Seeya next time.

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