Ok I am not going to lie to you. This was THE scariest and creepiest fucking thing I have seen in my entire fucking life. Holy shit its brutal, especialy involving children. I mean its about a psychotic apple that drives around in a van and is suppost to help kids when they are hurt. It was said to have aired on noggin, and I think i may have remembered it in my child hood. Yet as the show progresses it gets creepier and extremely more brutal. The first act is when Happy pulls a child into his van. You could hear horrible screaming as blood splattered upon the van windows. Through out the whole story, he freaked me right the fuck out. Happy Appy was the first Creepy Pasta to ever cause me fear, and as he continues to go about his series, he mutilates children, poisens them, makes statues out of theit meat, blows them up, kills their parents, and causes most cchildren to wish they are dead. And as the person in the story continues to watch ghappy appy the old cast members get killed by none other than a man named Forenzik, who is really the brother in law of the writer, and he was the director of the happy appy show. Forenzik kills him self after the final happy appy episode (Minus epilogue) called "Happy rots in hell" happens where Happy Appy explodes like a bomb went off. Then the children in show were caught by forenzik where he says "You killed my creation, now I kill you" . Personally i would rather go into Pinkamina's basement or enter slender's woods than even think of this prick.

This has been TheBoldWriter, writing to you readers about what I think should be written about. See you next time (Or maybe I wont if forenzik's group find you working on HAppy Appy videos on youtube) . Good bye!

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