Ok so I am back to write some more into my web of bad language writing, though this time the page im making will be dark and depressing so if your depressed please dont read it, it may make you worse. Please make sure your in the happiest state you can be at the momment before reading. Thanks. The last page before this was Bronies and Pegasisters. A total train wreck. Now onto the post!

What is wrong with this world? Everyone is ready for it to end so easily. I mean even full movies came out to state it would end certain years and it never happened. Year 2000, Year 2011, Year 2012, Year 2013, honestly, shut up and listen. This world WONT END in 2014 or anytime close to that. Cause guess what I think is gana happen at the end?  (Prepare for utter and uber dark text) ......... THE DARK UNHOLY LORD WILL RIP FROM THE EARTH'S CORE AND UNLEASH A HELLISH CHAOS THAT WILL CAUSE THE SKY TO BURN RED WITH THE COLOR OF BLOOD, AS HE WILL STAND HE WILL LOOK DOWN UPON THE EARTH AND UNLEASH A LASER INTO THE AIR, ONCE IT STOPS IT BEGINS TO RAIN DOWN DEATH DOOM DESTRUCTION DEPRESSION AND AGONY UPON ALL LIVING SOULS AND THEN UNLEASH A BLAST THAT REACHED THE HEAVENS THAT ONLY LEAVES BEHIND PAIN AND SORROW AS THE EARTH'S CRUST GLOWS WITH LAVA AS THE DARK UNHOLY LORD MAKES THE CORE ERUPT AND BURN OUT, AND CAUSES THE WHOLE PLANET TO EXPLODE, LEAVING NOTHING BUT SPACE DUST FOR THE SURVIVORS TO FLOAT AROUND, CHOKING ON THE ATMOSPHERE OF SPACE.................... Now, has that even SEEMED to happen? No. Run along now, you have better things to do than worry about thelies of the many useless people who claim it will end.

It is I The Bold Writer, signing off on a dark writing session. Dont get depressed over it now, you have time between now and that happening, I am sure lots of time.  

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