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And Then It Happened Again and Again


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 Sup its me, The Bold Writer. Its been quite a while, but I am back and I have alot to write about today! (Last Writing: Facebook) Todays topic is Betrayal and Traitors! The first paragraph will tell all about the reasoning of writing on them.

Writer's Rebel (5th time/ LAST TIME)Edit

Not to long ago, December Twentyith, three close and best friends of our good writer The Bold Writer, betrayed him. They used to play Steam every day, on the 20th of Decemeber 2013, things changed. They unfriended him and did not tell him what he did wrong. He would have dealt with it if they had not done this before. Other instences of it will be covered below. Carrying on, they would not tell him no matter how much he asked. He had previously pledged his loyalty to his friends, and it had appeared they did not believe they should give loyalty back.He joined their game to see what happened and they left immediately on question, obviously it was not a Steam related error.  So what The Bold Writer did, was he did NOT care any more. He still does not. They wanted to keep betraying him and doing this to him? He did not think so. He quickly banished them from all contact, unfriended them in all ways possible, and plans on taking more action today on the 31st of December. He constantly checks their profiles. He likes to keep an eye on them. He knows they will DEFINATELY meet again at sometime, but neither of them really care when or where, what ever happens, happens. Friendship cannot be restored between the four of them from these days on. And he also belives, putting his foot down and saying "enough" was the right thing to do. He now spends most of his time playing The Killing Floor or on his home consoles. The players spoke about above will NOT have their names or SteamIDs said for safety reasons. And he still has no idea what he did wrong. But of coarse he was lied to again, said his "cousin was on".

Expiriment "Cookies" (4th Time)Edit

As said above, this sort of thing has happened more than once, it has happened more than three times too. But none of them were as bad as Expiriment "Cookies". The three opened a private chat and got to plotting a plan to scare the poor Bold Writer half to death. They plotted up a plan, then got to swift action. One of them used the voice changer MorphVOX Pro to change their voice into a demon. Another screamed. But luckily the screaming one had felt he angered and upsetted The Bold Writer after he sensed a sense of rage and annoyence coming off The Bold Writers voice. He told TheBoldWriter absolutely everything. And this angered The Bold Writer so much, that he hit the point of questioning. For about 3 hours straight he questioned the ring leader of the whole expiriment why he should even be friends with them anymore. The whole time he also questioned why he did it. His answer: "Your annoying, your wishy washy, you constantly get angry over jokes, you fight over everything (Rest was lost, yet it was very insulting)". This angered the Bold Writer, as one of them constantly said if your going to say something, say it to their face. He had no idea why the other one had done it, but the screamy one was the only one that was forgiven for real. As shown above, that was abused to their heart's desires. Soon enough, come december, TheBoldWriter got off Steam for more than 18 days in the month, due to mainly not wanting to be on, but not trying to sound like a douche bag, he simply said he had things to do all December month long. You reader may even be one of them. If so, he does not care if he lied to you or not, he should have never even returned.

Cracking The Ice/Breaking Point (3rd Time)Edit

In the mid gameplay of No More Room In Hell (Lever Games,October 31, 2011) the three were at it again and deleted The Bold Writers friendship again. This time he aplogized to all three of them and they accepted believe it or not, this was the starting point of the grudge. TheBoldWriter was starting to get very angry with the ammount of them doing this. It was almost becoming MONTHLY! He got very sick of them doing this, but for a while it got better. Or so he hoped (Move on downards) And again The Ring Leader struck for your information, he told The Bold Writer one of his friends he thought he was a dick, and that was a lie.

Bad Blood Brothers (2nd Time)Edit

Well they were at it again. And this time it came without him knowing. He got into an argument with the ringleader of the "Expiriment Cookies" (See 4th time). Soon they all got pissed at TheBoldWriter when he did NOT do anything to the other two. He realised now that the ring leader did not really care what happened with TheBoldWriter, as long as he was happy. This pissed him off. He felt that he should not even care for the Ring Leader, the ring leader was just there when he spoke with his other friends. Arguments carried on.

Ring Master (1rst time)Edit

Ok so the very first time this happened, The Bold Writer was scared and confused as hell. But seriously, why would hey just unfriend him? They did NOT seem to be good friends at all at this point, until he believed their apologies after "Cracking The Ice/Breaking Point" (See 3rd time). This lead to a bit of aggression on the first night, and lots on the very next day. He then did NOT talk with them for 3 days straight. He and the Ring Leader were at it for the first time. He suspected secrecy until the 4th time (Expiriment Cookies, see above) where they TOLD him about the secrecy. He currently wishes he never forgave any of them in the 4th act.

Last Time On Planet AssholeEdit

So these people stated above were not very nice to The Bold Writer. They came from  place he calls "PLANET ASSHOLE". They are the rudest, meanest, evilest, treasonest, traitorest, scoundrels of the entire galaxy. Some are OK, like the three above. Yet that, is UNFORGIVEABLE what they did in attempt 5. They were completely fine until these attempts. remember, if your friends do these things to you, DROP THEM IMMEDIATELY, YOUR DEALING WITH ALIENS FROM P.A.

This has been The Bold Writer, signing off with a big BYE BYE! Be careful out there folks, and have fun with your REAL friends. If you want my steam name, you can ask me and I can find a way to get it to you. Til next time on TheBoldWriter Writes!

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